Something other than promises or

Note The original version of this article in English was published in Green , 9/2022, in an edition dedicated to the ecology of war and edited by Pierre Charbonnier. A preview in Spanish was published in El Grand Continent , 7/20/2022, with the title “The front of the green war”. Both publications belong to the Groupe d’Études Géopolitiques . Translation: Ana Inés Fernández. Related War, repression and dissent in Putin’s Russia Interview with Boris Kagarlitsky Frederic Fuentes.

The invasion of Ukraine from a post-colonial perspective Vanni Pettina Excellent friends, but different: China, Russia and the war for Ukraine Uwe Optenhögel Putin’s Russia or the spiritual disengagement from Europe Email Lists Database Igor Torbakov The war and the change of epoch in Europe Rolf Mutzenich 1. Milan Czerny: “How does Putin want to erase Ukraine?” in The Grand Continent , 2/24/2022. two. V. Michel Goya: «The war in Ukraine day by day» in El Grand Continent , daily update . 3. David Ownby: “Shanghai: testimonies from confined hell” in The Grand Continent , 4/22/2022. On the same day, hours before the previous speech President Castro.

The other event of tremendous pedagogical importance took place at the Global Forum, that space through which, according to calculations by its organizers, approximately half a million people passed, more than 8,000 NGOs were present and around 400 events of all kinds were held. There, the largest of all events, due to its significance and number of participants (calculated at 0,000), as well as its impact on the imagination of the general public, was not promoted by governments, companies or artists, nor was it guided by values materialistic or an instrumental reason.