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Boxshot Only for professional designers 50+ customizable forms Automatic resizing Adjustable shapes Good compositing tools No free version boxshot packaging design software logo Boxshot Verdict: Boxshot comes with 50+ in-built forms that you can resize, customize, and visualize to see how the packaging of your product will look. Besides, the program allows you to resize shapes depending on the graphics you need to use. This software for creating 3D packaging design allows creating a perfect project using in-built ray tracing tools, scripts, PSD files, and camera control tools. Boxshot supports files in such formats as FBX, 3DS, STL, PLY, DXF, OBJ and Collada DAE. This package design software also comes with CAD-like forms for adjusting symmetry. This software is intuitive to use. You can employ it to create designs for books, boxes, packages, bottles, etc.

Boxshot packaging design software interface 9. ArtiosCAD A huge library of ECMA and FEFCO style catalogs Powerful tools Quick creation of POP-displays A set of design tools Digital asset management Inconvenient rotate feature artioscad packaging design software logo ArtiosCAD Verdict: ArtiosCAD is an advanced software for packaging design that was created for increasing Asia Mobile Number List the productivity of professionals who specialize in design, development, virtual prototyping, and manufacturing operations. It’s often used for developing cardboard designs, including designs for corrugated boxes. ArtiosCAD has a huge library of standard parametric models that meet all the requirements of ECMA and FEFCO. The program has a set of tools and automated options that simplify your workflow by automatically aligning objects.

Artioscad packaging design software interface 10. Strata A simple learning curve A set of texturing tools Rendering options Easy to work with marketing design Creates high-quality animation Requires mastering basic skills strata packaging design software logo Strata Verdict: Strata was created for companies of different sizes. It’s a convenient program for creating 3D designs that allows you to manage professional 3D projects and models with the help of texturing, animation, and compositing tools. Strata can be used by 2D designers who don’t have a lot of experience with 3D. It provides a set of tools for developing packaging designs. Using quick launch templates, libraries, effects, backgrounds, environments, and other options, designers can create complex layouts for different types of packaging in a few clicks.