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Conduct a thorough on page optimization of all title tags meta descriptions keywords and images Optimize content for keywords formatting length accessibility and duplication Optimize images for keywords in title tags and alt tags size compression and responsiveness Fix indexation issues like dysfunctional links accidental no index tags and site errors Improve linking in terms of number anchor text quality and functionality Repair technical issues like bad re directs use of Java Script or Flash and inaccessible pages Look for speed issues with your host file compression disabled caching and poorly optimized images. Review the mobile experience for ease of navigation proper re directs and analytics tracking Install Google analytics and Google.

Webmaster tracking codes and make sure Adsense are functioning properly Use Google Webmaster Tools to look for any problems and to discover additional data. We like to use helpful resources like Raven Tools for our audits. This helpful infographic details what is now in vs the old. Old vs New Image Source Quicks out Infographic How to perform the ultimate China Phone Number List Should You Perform Canonicalization or Set Up Redirects? Everyone knows that site mapping is one of the most important best practices. Just as important but less commonly discussed is the use of canonicalization. Basically this rather clunky word is a Google way of selecting and organizing URLs so that the search engines understand how to rank similarly named internal pages. According to Google In the world of content management and online shopping systems it’s common for the same content to be accessed through multiple.

With content syndication it’s also easy for content to be distributed to different URLs and domains entirely . While these systems make it more convenient to develop and distribute content they cause some challenges when people use search engines to reach your page. For instance you might have an ecommerce site with the same product page accessible by multiple search queries such asand exampledressesgreengreendress.html. You may also have a blog system that saves multiple depending on the categories dresses are awesome blog. Examplegreen things green dresses are awesome.